What to Do with Old Tennis Balls – 5 Interesting Solutions

What to Do with Old Tennis Balls?

When the tennis balls lost it bounce, it becomes useless in the game. But you can employ these old tennis balls in various interesting and unique ways. Check out some use of the old tennis balls.

What to Do with Old Tennis Balls
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5 Interesting Things to Do with Old Tennis Balls

The useless tennis balls are not useless at all now. Thanks to all the creative minds out there who presented us with many unique ways of reusing the tennis balls. Check out some of the things that you make by using the retired tennis balls.

Make Furniture Leg

That’s one of the most interesting uses of the old tennis ball. You can cut an “X” shape in the tennis ball and then put it on the leg of the chairs. That’s it, you are done. The chair shoes are not for beautification but they can help to protect your floors. The chair can scratch and sometimes damage the floor. But thanks to the old tennis balls, they can now act as a protector of the floor.

Use as Pool Cleaner

What’s the most obvious thing about the pool? I think you guessed it right, the pool oil. The old pool balls can also help you with this. Simply put a few tennis balls on the water and let them sit in there. The balls will absorb all sorts of oil from the water and leave a clean pool for you.

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Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

However, don’t let the balls set forever in there. Make sure to replace the balls once in a while.

Use as Packaging Materials

The tennis balls are highly shock resistant. Such a property of the ball makes it a perfect choice as a packaging material. While shipping sensitive goods like glass, crockeries, gadgets, or anything goods, you can fill the empty space in the package with tennis balls. The balls will absorb the shock and reduce the chance of damages.

If there is not enough space for the balls in the package, then cut them into half for a better fit. You can be a little bit artistic to make the package more aesthetic. Take a marker and draw funny faces on the balls. It will surely make the receiver of the package happy.

Transform to A Cricket Ball

Are you aware of the sport called Cricket? Though not so trendy in America, it is the second most popular sport in the world with 2.5 billion fans around the globe. The game is most popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Sorry, as if I started a bibliography of Cricket, but you will be glad to know that you can use Tennis Ball as a cricket ball! In fact, the kids on the Indian subcontinent play Cricket by using tennis balls. They simply twist adhesive tape on the ball and call it “tape ball.”

Tennis ball cricket
Photo of Tape Cricket by Sushanth Kulkarni

You can also consider using the tennis ball as a cricket ball. Maybe you have never played it, but trust me, it worth trying. The game is pretty interesting (but not as much as Tennis I guarantee)

Use on Laundry

It may sound ridiculous, but the tennis balls can be a great alternative to the typical dryer sheets. Just two/ three of the balls on the washing machine. They will accelerate the drying process by discharging static. It is an excellent way to make your laundry faster and cheaper.

These are some of the most interesting use of old tennis balls. If you know anything more, please let us know through comment.

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