How to Retrieve RC Boat with Tennis Ball

Have you ever wanted to learn how to retrieve an RC boat with tennis ball? You are in luck because this article will teach you just that! With the right equipment, knowledge, and skill level, anyone can be successful. Keep reading for more information on what is needed and how to get started.

How to Retrieve RC Boat with Tennis Ball

It is not always easy to retrieve your RC boat. It might be too deep in the water or stuck on something under the surface. Whatever the case may be, if you need help retrieving it, this article will show you how to do take it out with just tennis balls. Keep reading!

How to Retrieve RC Boat with Tennis Ball

You will need a handful of tennis balls, one for each side or just two. You may also want to grab some string and tape as well. If you have these items on hand it makes the entire process a lot easier!

First things first, attach the strings to your RC boat with either duct tape or something else strong enough that can hold the weight. The strings should be able to reach from one side of your boat all the way to the other end, that is how you will know they are long enough. Make sure both ends have a string or tape attached and then begin throwing tennis balls out into the water where it won’t sink too far down.

Once there is at least one tennis ball in the water, slowly start moving your boat towards it. You will want to wait until the ball is close enough to the surface so you can reach down and grab it with your hand. If you have someone helping you, they can also stand by the shoreline and catch the balls as they come flying back.

Once you have one tennis ball, you can slowly move the boat towards it and bring up your RC boat with ease. If there is still some leftover string attached to your RC boat, make sure not to cut them until they are completely out of reach, or else they might get caught under something on their way back into shore!

With these simple steps, anyone can learn how to retrieve an RC boat with a tennis ball. All you need is the right equipment and this article will show you everything else!

Tips for Hooking the Balls in the Boat

  • If you are having trouble getting the balls to stick in your boat, try wetting them before throwing. This will make them heavier and more likely to stay put.
  • Make sure the strings are as tight as possible and test it out by throwing a ball at full force. If it doesn’t budge then you’re good to go.
  • Keep the strings as short as possible and try not to let them touch the water at all if you can help it! This will keep your little boat safe from damage.


With a little bit of practice and these simple tips, anyone can be successful at retrieving their RC boat with tennis balls. Be patient and take your time – it may take a few tries before you get the hang of it! Have fun and enjoy learning this new skill.

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