How to Put Up a Tennis Net

Most people probably don’t know how to put up a tennis net, and I’m one of them. So this article is for those who want to learn. There are plenty of tools that could be used to put up the net, but you’ll need some basic skills before tackling it yourself.

How to Put Up a Tennis Net

This article will show you step by step how to get started with putting up your own tennis net in just 10 minutes!

How to Put Up a Tennis Net

Step 1

You will need a tall person. Use a sturdy ladder or find something that can be used as a lather. Ideally, your net should be placed between two trees with about four feet of string on each side. If this is not possible, find two poles that are about eight feet tall and place them in the ground at either end of the court.

Step 2

Once you have found your spot, the person placing the net should hold it up against the trees or poles. Have a friend help tie each side of the net to each post with string.

Step 3

Make two marks on each post twenty-four inches apart, these will be your guidelines for measuring the center of the court. Find the exact center by tying a string around the posts to mark it.

Step 4

Tie that same string around both posts about four inches below your first mark, this is where you will hammer the posts into the ground.

Step 5

Next, you will remove the net from the posts, measure your string to one inch below your second mark on both posts and tie them around each post.

Step 6

Get back on that ladder or sturdy stepladder and place the top of the net against both of the strings. Use more string to tie the top of the net to both of your strings on each post.

Step 7

Measure about two feet down from the top of each post and use a zip tie or wire to attach it to each post.

Now you’re ready for some tennis! Happy playing!


How do you tighten a tennis net?

A tennis net can be tightened by pulling the strings tighter on both sides. If the net is saggy in the middle, it can be tightened by pulling up on the netting until it is taut.

Can a tennis net be shortened?

Yes, a tennis net can be shortened by untying and retying the strings on the post. If you find that you are unable to attach your net on both sides of the court, try attaching it to more than two trees or poles.

How can I fix a tennis net?

If your tennis net has come undone at any point you can easily tie off the string where it came loose. You can also use zip ties or wire to attach the netting to the posts. Just be sure that the net is tight and does not have any saggy areas.

Does a tennis net touch the ground?

No, a tennis net is designed to go around the ground of your court. You can make sure that your net stays high and away from the court by looping it through two trees or poles.

What height should a tennis net be?

A tennis net should be as high as possible to allow players ample room to hit the ball over the net. A good height is eight feet tall, just remember that it can always be shortened or lengthened later on if needed.

How wide should a tennis net be?

A tennis net should be about fifty-six inches wide, giving players enough space to hit the ball. If the net is too narrow or too wide it can become a safety hazard.

What is a loop and pin tennis net?

A loop and pin net is one that attaches to the posts with a long strip of string. The string loops into little pins that are hammered into the post or trees. This type of tennis net tends to hold up better than other styles even if it is not as sturdy.

How far apart are tennis posts?

Tennis posts should be placed about twenty-four inches apart. This will give players enough room to hit the ball without it hitting the post.

Now that you know how to put up a tennis net, it’s time to get out there and start playing! Remember to carefully plan your location before starting and go step by step to make

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