How Do You Fix a Weak Mentality in Tennis?

Almost every type of move, service, and shot can be taught through textbooks and practice sessions on the tennis court. However, when it comes to gaining a strong mentality, it’s a lot more complex and challenging. So, how do you fix a weak mentality in tennis? The short answer is to train for mental toughness. … Read more

How Much Is a Chanel Tennis Racket

The Chanel Tennis Racket, a new addition to the line of Chanel sports equipment, is one of the most expensive tennis rackets on the market. Its retail price goes up to $3,600 and has been described by some as the ” Rolls-Royce of tennis rackets.” The racket’s not-so-popular brand was first noticed when Kylie Jenner, … Read more

How Much Do Tennis Ball Boys Make?

When most people think about professional tennis, the first thing that comes to mind is the athletes. However, many other individuals play an important role in making a tennis match happen – from ball boys and girls to referees and umpires. Especially, the ball boys and girls often capture the attention of spectators and television … Read more

Do Professional Tennis Players Use Vibration Dampeners?

Do Professional Tennis Players Use Vibration Dampeners

Do professional tennis players use vibration dampeners? This is a question that has been debated for years. Some people believe that vibration dampeners help players to hit the ball harder and faster, while others think that they actually decrease the player’s performance. According to NYTimes, more than 50% of pro tennis players use vibration dampeners … Read more

Do Junior Tennis Players Get Paid?

do junior tennis players get paid

Junior tennis tournaments dont offer any prize money, so players can’t earn any money from playing in them. However, many top junior players receive sponsorships from companies that pay for their travel and tournament expenses. These sponsorship deals can be worth thousands of dollars per year. Tennis is a game that is known to bring … Read more